Strategy formation

In the constantly changing business world, a company’s vision is essential: it forms a vivid and favourable picture of the company’s future, it gives direction and aim!

The conversio – strategy process fits small and medium-sized enterprises (as well as institutions of education and institutions for scientific research) and leads to quickly utilisable results thanks to its pragmatism.

In an increasingly digital world, strategic work does not become less important. To the contrary, strategies are necessary: they build the framework for joint pictures of an uncertain future.

„There are two things in which all which all well-being consists: one of them is the choice of a right end and aim of action, and the other the discovery of the actions which are means towards it.“ (Aristotle 384‑322 BC)

The „conversion – strategy process for small and medium-sized enterprises“ employs a modular constructed approach which conducts both internal corporate and external environment analyses. Based on the analyses‘ outcomes, a vigorous vision and ambitious strategic objectives are elaborated applying the assessed company specific potentials and strengths. The developed vision indicates how the company should look like in the future, the strategic objectives decide on the future allocation of the company’s resources. The vision‘s implementation and strategic objectives‘ realisation in the form of key project are part of the strategic work. In all stages of the strategy formation and its subsequent realisation, the alterations affecting the company’s employees are in the centre of attention. Throughout the systematic procedure of the conversion – strategy process, the company’s core competencies are defined in addition to a transparent description of the business model. In summation, the total of the outcomes, comprising the core values characterising the company, leads to a comprehensive description of the company – both for the present and the future. The results are hence particularly adequate for both communicating within the company and the external presentation.

The “conversion – strategy process for small and medium-sized enterprises” is equally fit for the traditional strategic work and the strategic work in the digital world.