Manufacturing engineering – ready for Industry 4.0!

The manufacturing in companies will continue to change: the technologies advance, and the customers’ and users’ expectations have to be met. The concept of Industry 4.0 facilitates these developments in manufacturing engineering – both the technical advancement as well as strategies and business models for companies operating in this sector.

However, Industry 4.0 is not a product, nor a process or project, but more an impetus for enterprises to develop new and innovate manufacturing systems and facilities through the integration of information and communication technologies.

Regarding the implementation rate of Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing industry, there is no uniform determination of how fast it should go but is more subject to individual circumstances, such as previous practices and the achieved level of automatization and digitalisation in the company.

Conversio proposes a parallel course of action to companies from the manufacturing sector: the development and implementation of a Industry 4.0 strategy is guided and facilitated by a quick realisation of Industry 4.0 core elements. Conversio assists in both approaches with pragmatic services and focussed advice. Focal points at that are analyses of the level of Industry 4.0 implementation in the company, the implementation of a Industry 4.0 strategy, the elaboration of business models, the implementation of Industry 4.0 core elements and the implementation of coaching and training measures on all function and qualification levels (including leadership programmes).